Your garage usually has in it some of your most valuable belongings. From your vehicles to your storage, it is all there. Your garage door is the gate to these valuables. Fixing and maintaining a garage door is not simple. We are not the handyman that your friend recommended, we are garage doors repair and maintenance EXPERTS. It is tempting to do it yourself until terms like "tighten the springs", "weather seal strip", "chain drive", or "safety sensors" start showing up. Starting the job right is key to keeping your repair and maintenance budget under control. We will explain the cause of the problem, how we will fix it, and how much it will it cost. Again, NO SURPRISE COSTS.


Sometimes the problem with your garage door requires a part replacement. Instead of replacing your garage door, we will tell you which part is defective and fix it for you. If it is a broken spring, a non responsive remote key, or broken chain. Replacing the defective part requires an experienced evaluation and saves a lot of your hard earned money. We are very honest when it comes to not over selling our products and services. If it just a simple part replacement, there will be no need to go into repair and sales. Again, and always, NO SURPRISE COSTS. It will all be explained before we start.

There is no obligation to contact us for a quote, a question, or a comment.

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